Job Opportunities You can Pursue after completing a Symbiosis MBA

Job Opportunities You can Pursue After Completing a MBA from Symbiosis

Every year, students take a number of MBA entrance examinations in the hopes of being accepted into one of the country's best business schools. SNAP is an MBA entrance test that allows candidates to study at Symbiosis International (Deemed University) [SIU] to pursue an MBA. 

Symbiosis is a highly valued university among prospective candidates, with a reputation for propelling professions to new heights. SNAP, on the other hand, is unique among entrance tests in that it does not include a portion of general knowledge. It allows students to select from a variety of speciality courses. It also gives you the opportunity to enrol in some of the greatest management schools.

SNAP is a nationwide admission test that allows students to apply to SIU's 24 MBA/MSc programmes and 15 management colleges.

Now that you know that passing the SNAP exam can lead to admission to some of the best MBA programmes, let's look at some of the best employment opportunities available once you finish your degree.

Human Resource Manager -

The Human Resource domain is a very lucrative job profile; an HR manager works closely with the company's executive management to build an effective HR agenda. HR managers are in charge of all areas of the human resource department of a firm, from personnel and training to remuneration and benefits. 

According to, the average annual compensation for a Human Resources (HR) Manager in India is around 9 lakhs. 

Clearing the SNAP exam permits you to enrol in an MBA in HR, which can help you land lucrative jobs like HR Consultant, International Human Resources Professional, and Training & Development Manager, among others.

Operations Manager -

An operations manager is a critical member of any organization's upper management team who ensures that the company is performing to its full capacity. They are typically involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of operational policies and procedures. 

An operations manager collaborates with the board of directors to establish the organization's values and mission, as well as to set short- and long-term objectives. According to, an operations manager's average annual compensation is roughly 8 lakhs. 

Students who crack SNAP and pursue an MBA in operations management are best-fitted to occupy this position along with other profiles like Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Project Manager, and more.

International Business Manager -

The primary role of an international business manager is to guarantee that all departments within a corporation follow the business regulations of the country in which they operate. They look at marketing and advertising tactics to make sure the company is on track to fulfil its objectives. In addition, a global business manager forecasts major market trends and delivers statistics to various teams. 

According to, they earn an average of 10 lakhs a year in India. Candidates that pass the SNAP and enrol in an MBA in International Business can work as project managers, export managers, international business consultants, and a variety of other positions.

Marketing Manager -

A marketing manager is usually responsible for all marketing strategies and efforts of an organization. They coordinate marketing campaigns while keeping in the organization's budget. The primary objective of a marketing manager is to increase sales and revenue by identifying opportunities and estimating the demand for marketing campaigns. 

The average salary for a Marketing Manager in India is around 9 lakhs per annum, according to Students who opt for an MBA in Marketing after clearing SNAP can choose to build a career in this profile along with other options like brand management, digital marketing, retail marketing, etc.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) -

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the highest technical position in any firm, is largely responsible for developing the organization's technical vision by overseeing all elements of technology development. 

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that an organization's technical standards are followed. A CTO also creates strategies and procedures for employing technology to improve products and services. 

According to, the average income for a CTO in India is around 20 lakhs per year. Students who pursue an MBA in Information Technology after passing the SNAP entry exam are more likely to pursue this career path, as well as others such as business analysts, technical IT consultants, data processing managers, and others.

In this ever-competitive business, an MBA from SIU can open up a variety of doors, regardless of the college or domain you choose.

 We hope this list puts students who are focusing on SNAP among other MBA entrance exams at ease in selecting the right career path for themselves. We wish you all the luck with your preparations and the future ahead!