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SIIB's MBA in Agri Business, the soil for Agribusiness leaders

Updated on - October 17, 2023 (Tuesday)
MBA in Agri Business

If you're looking to make your mark as a leader in the ever-evolving agribusiness sector and have a keen interest in agriculture, food sustainability, and farming, then look no further than the MBA in Agri-Business programme offered by the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) in Pune, India. 

This programme will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to excel in your career and make a significant impact in the industry.

This blog will explore the unique and essential aspects of SIIB's MBA – Agri Business programme, providing you with all the information you need to cultivate your agribusiness career.

Scope of Specialisation: Cultivating Agribusiness Excellence

The MBA – Agri Business programme at SIIB Pune is designed for individuals with a deep-rooted passion for agriculture who aspire to impact the agribusiness sector significantly. 

This specialised programme equips students with in-depth knowledge of agricultural practices, agribusiness management, and sustainability, preparing them for leadership roles in this critical industry.

Course Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

Eligibility criteria for admission include a minimum of 50% marks for graduates from a recognised university or institution of national importance (45% for SC/ST).

Final-year students may apply, but admission is subject to obtaining minimum qualifying marks.

Admission is provisional and can be cancelled unless criteria are met. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they meet eligibility requirements.

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) makes final eligibility decisions. Reservation percentages are SC (15%), ST (7.5%), differently-abled (3%), two seats for Jammu and Kashmir valley migrants, and 15% of seats for international students.

Entrance Exam Details: Your Gateway to SIIB Pune

The SNAP exam 2023 is your ticket to entering SIIB's MBA – Agri Business programme. This national-level aptitude test assesses candidates' analytical, logical, and quantitative skills. A strong performance in SNAP is your only step towards securing a seat in this esteemed programme.

Admission Process: Cultivating Agribusiness Leaders

To get into SIIB, Pune, you must follow a two-step selection process.

Step 1: The first step to get into SIIB Pune is to take the Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Test. Once you register and pay for the SNAP Test, select SIIB Pune as your preferred institution. 

However, it is important to note that appearing for the SNAP Test alone won't qualify you for the next step in the selection process. Click here to read more about SNAP Test:

Step 2: The shortlisted candidates, based on SNAP scores, will be called for the next selection process at SIIB, Pune. The entire selection process will take place at Pune only and will include a Group Exercise and a Personal Interview.

Brand & Legacy of Symbiosis: A Name You Can Trust

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) has a legacy of rich education spanning over five decades. The university is well-known for its dedication to academic excellence, diversity and innovation in higher education. SIIB Pune continues to uphold these values and traditions as a part of this esteemed university.

Symbiosis Colleges Offering MBA in Agri Business

It's worth noting that SIIB Pune is the main institute that offers the MBA - Agri Business programme. However, it is part of the larger Symbiosis family, which provides students with access to a wide range of resources, libraries, and a bustling campus environment shared across multiple Symbiosis institutions in Pune. 

This enriches their academic experience and makes it more engaging. While SIIB is the primary institute offering the MBA – Agri Business programme, it's important to note that it is part of the more prominent Symbiosis family. 

This means that students have access to a vast network of resources, libraries, and a vibrant campus life shared across multiple Symbiosis institutions in India, enriching their academic experience.

Curriculum: Nurturing Agribusiness Expertise

The MBA in Agribusiness Management programme covers a wide range of topics, including Marketing, with a focus on rural marketing and retail management; Finance, with an emphasis on microfinance, commodity trading, lending and risk management; Supply Chain Management, with a focus on logistics in retail; and Taxation. It also provides detailed information on relevant fields such as Agriculture and WTO, Agri-export-import, and Agricultural Finance. 

Faculty Experience: Learning from Agribusiness Experts

SIIB Pune boasts an outstanding faculty with vast experience in both academia and industry. The professors bring valuable real-world perspectives into the classroom, making the learning experience more practical and relevant. 

The faculty members are passionate about agriculture and agribusiness, and they also serve as mentors and guides to the students.

Placements & Industrial Collaborations: Sowing the Seeds of Success

SIIB's strong industry connections ensure students are well-prepared for their professional journey in agribusiness. 

The institute's dedicated placement cell works tirelessly to secure promising job opportunities for its graduates. With collaborations with leading agribusiness organisations, internships, and live projects, SIIB Pune students gain valuable hands-on experience.

MBA in Agri Business


Career Opportunities & Roles: Cultivating Agribusiness Leaders

An MBA – Agri Business from SIIB Pune opens doors to diverse career opportunities in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors. Graduates can explore roles in agricultural marketing, supply chain management, agribusiness consulting, food processing, and sustainability. 

The programme's specialised focus equips students to excel in roles that demand a deep understanding of agricultural dynamics.

Expected Starting Packages: Your Agribusiness Investment

One of the most significant concerns for aspiring MBA students is the return on investment. SIIB's MBA – Agri Business programme has a track record of impressive placements, with students receiving competitive starting packages. 

These packages vary depending on industry, location, and individual performance, but they consistently align with industry standards.

SIIB's MBA Agri-Business – Nurturing Agribusiness Leaders

In conclusion, pursuing an MBA in Agri-Business at the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) Pune is an investment in your future as a leader in the agribusiness sector. This programme provides:

  • A well-rounded education.
  • A global perspective.
  • Industry connections.
  • Career opportunities that are second to none.

SIIB's commitment to academic excellence, dedicated faculty, strong industry collaborations, and legacy of success make it an ideal choice for those looking to make a difference in the dynamic world of agribusiness.

 If you're ready to sow the seeds of your success and cultivate a rewarding career in agribusiness, SIIB's MBA in Agri-Business is the right choice.

Take the first step towards a global career in international business by registering for the SNAP exam 2023 at SIIB Pune. Visit today!