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Welcome To A Brighter Future With SSSS Pune

Updated on - August 29, 2023 (Tuesday)
SSSS Pune - MBA entrance exam 2023

Today, several methods exist to get admission to an MBA, including the highly popular snap exam held by Symbiosis colleges annually.

Earning a professional business degree like an MBA can have tremendous advantages. Oftentimes, these advantages frequently apply to your non-work life as well and go beyond your professional and career ambitions.

If an MBA degree is on your radar, you should start preparing for the entrance exam for MBA 2023 immediately without having any second thoughts.

Why Symbiosis School Of Sports Sciences (SSSS) Pune?

Rapid industrialisation and globalisation have resulted in the emergence of new-age and modern subjects. By establishing SSSS Pune, Symbiosis has successfully given rise to a niche domain. Moreover, courses like sports management have helped many people pursue their dream careers by giving sports an educational touch as well.

SSSS’s educational programme aims to change, empower, and prepare students for the sports sector. Creating a world-class sports educational hub and teaching ecosystem, utilising technology, cultivating a global perspective, as well as instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the students are the major pillars of imparting first-class education.

Plenty of students are considering appearing for the PG entrance exam in India in order to pursue sports management. Careers in this domain provide a chance to impact the sports community positively, collaborate with high-profile athletes, and turn passion into a career.

SSSS Pune works in collaboration with the sports industry leaders, which provides them opportunities to improve the learning outcome of their students. The college’s educational strategy makes use of approaches that are specifically suited to the students as well as the institutional objectives.

Courses Offered:

Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences offers Two years Full-time residential program in MBA - Sports Management (MBA SM). SSSS offers the following specializations under the MBA (SM) program

  1. Sports Marketing
  2. Event Management in Sports
  3. Technology in Sports

This two-year-long MBA course combines theory and practice to develop the relevant skills needed to succeed in the sports sector. The curriculum is created to give students administrative knowledge, including planning and decision-making abilities, as well as leadership abilities. The students receive instruction on how to manage the many sports management-related domains.

The main subjects taught in sports management are-

  • Sports Economics
  • Introduction to Sports Science
  • Sports Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to Olympics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sports Analytics
  • Operations
  • Legal Aspects of Sports
  • Media Management in Sports
  • Human Resource Management
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Management and a few more.

The Elite Faculty At SSSS Pune

The heart and soul of your institution is its faculty. They are directly in charge of providing the top-notch education and training your institution guarantees its students. Their dedication, diligence, and sincere interactions support the prestige on which your organisation was founded.

With respectable degrees and years of experience, the teachers at SSSS Pune are highly talented. They enable the children to feel comfortable in the classroom and offer assistance outside of it as well. Additionally, students are free to contact instructors as often as they like with any queries or problems.

Excellent Placement and Internship Facilities At SSSS Pune

The best feature of an MBA course is that it provides a lot of opportunities beyond bookish education to hone your skills and knowledge. Internships happen to be one of these opportunities to grow your intellect and calibre. Internships can stimulate your professional aptitude along with enabling you to strengthen your personal development. Therefore, SSSS Pune focuses on providing top-tier internships to its students.

Placements allow students the chance to experience the real-world working environment in addition to the various practical components of the courses offered at SSSS Pune. By doing so, they can put their knowledge and talents into action, develop their skill set, and get ready for their future careers.

Major companies that offer placement jobs at SSSS Pune are-

  • Kerala Blasters
  • Sports Tiger
  • My Team 11
  • Blue Ramp Management
  • Female Cricket
  • BlackCab
  • Lakshya Supporting Sports
  • Fisto
  • NFS
  • DSK Shivajians
  • Sports Granny
  • Fanatic
  • Fitterfly
  • The Souled Store
  • Puneri Paltan
  • Football School of India and more.

First-Class Infrastructure Facilities Of SSSS Pune

As students nowadays focus on the labs, classrooms, etc., when picking a college, the infrastructure of a college plays a crucial part in the enrollment of students. It is fundamental that institutions have first-rate facilities, like cutting-edge labs outfitted with advanced technology, etc.

Some significant infrastructural services by the college are-

  • Hostel Services
  • Swimming Pool
  • Group Activity Area
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Top Ground
  • Top Mud Ground
  • Recreational Hall
  • Squash Court
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Volleyball Court
  • Cafeteria

Extracurricular Activities For Interpersonal Growth And Development

A well-rounded education includes extracurricular activities because they give students the chance to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting and serve as a means of reinforcing classroom lessons.

Students who engage in extracurricular activities attain higher grades. This is due to the abilities people acquire via engaging in various activities. Students gain time management skills, organisational abilities, and increased self-assurance. Additionally, students get the ability to better articulate themselves. SSSS Pune conducts many events such as auctions, NSSC sessions, guest lectures, workshops, and more.

So, if you’re interested in sports management and gearing up for the MBA entrance exam in India, definitely keep SSSS Pune in the loop. You can find further information on the college’s official website.