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Welcome To A Brighter Future With SIDTM Pune

Updated on - August 30, 2023 (Wednesday)

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived for all those aspiring to take the SNAP exam! With the commencement of SNAP registrations from August 23, 2023 (Wednesday), MBA aspirants in India are preparing themselves for the challenging competition ahead.

Picking the best MBA school can be tough because getting a quality education from the appropriate institute is crucial. If not, all your efforts and money can go in vain.

Getting an MBA degree is the wisest choice to achieve higher managerial positions in the business world. An MBA not only enhances job prospects but also increases your earning potential. Therefore, if you feel you fit right in the business community, start preparing for the entrance exam for MBA 2023 right away.

Why Symbiosis Institute Of Digital and Telecom Management?

SIDTM is one of the top MBA schools in the country right now. People require access to high-quality education to stay up with the rapidly changing corporate landscape and smooth technology improvements. SIDTM is the perfect illustration of how to provide a supportive atmosphere for enhancing the capacity of the faculty and students through well-structured and practical learning during the full course time.

SIDTM remains dedicated to creating top-notch technology business leaders who can successfully navigate the dynamic and constantly shifting business and technological environments with complete convenience and authority. The college focuses on developing solid academics paired with exposure to the market through visits from many industry specialists.

The MBA curriculum at SIDTM includes a strong foundation in concepts of international business methods. This aids the students in developing a thorough awareness of global industrial aspects.

SIDTM is a noticeably evolved business school in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Management Technology as well. The rapid development of these sectors has opened doors for innumerable professionals who can cut across digital and telecom industries.

What are the courses offered by SIDTM Pune ?

SIDTM offers a full-time MBA course in the following specialisations -

1. MBA in Systems And Finance-

The modern techndivogy managers who will be in charge of business operations, product development, project management, etc., should specialise in systems and finance. Organisations are looking for managers with an in-depth comprehension of digital and technology, as well as the capacity to offer commercially feasible solutions due to the fast adoption of digital technologies. Along with the syllabus, the students are also taught other necessary industry-recognised certifications and expertise in CyberSecurity, AWS Cloud, and more.

2. MBA in Marketing and Finance-

This course perfectly combines technology with marketing. Nowadays, companies look for individuals possessing technical skills along with business skills. The course covers subjects such as channel management, brand management, salesforce, marketing communication, and so on. In this specialisation, one can bag job profiles in business development, sales, digital marketing, and consultancy post-MBA.

3. MBA in Analytics and Finance-

The rapidly growing demand for analytics and data science has resulted in professionals having sound knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Different sectors' technologies are a major emphasis of the analytics specialisation. The blend of finance with analytics has greatly enhanced the course's value. This course's core subjects include data mining, data analytics, python, R, and some finance-related subjects.

Experienced and Talented Faculty At SIDTM Pune

Teachers help students transform into better versions of themselves. They are especially important for college students, who are no longer living at home and starting to take steps into the world on their own.

Research shows that students perform better when their instructors are knowledgeable about productive teaching strategies. Faculty development can lead to higher grades among students.

Therefore, at SIDTM, there is a presence of a very strong set of educators with years of experience and extensive knowledge. Thus, if you’re going to appear for the PG entrance exam in India, you should consider pursuing an MBA from SIDTM.

Excellent Placement And Internship Opportunities At SIDTM Pune

SIDTM provides first-class internships to inculcate skills in the students. They offer comprehensive professional MBA knowledge with everything an intelligent management system needs. It is never enough just to have theoretical knowledge because it will never be sufficient for a prosperous career.

Internships help students practice what they've learned in their academic classes and develop connections for jobs.

A reputed college always takes into account the availability of good companies for placements after graduation. Thus, SIDTM never fails to make its students happy with placement satisfaction.

Some of the top companies providing placement to the SIDTM students are-

  • Reliance
  • Adaniports
  • Lava International
  • Deloitte
  • DSCI
  • Elitecore
  • Wipro Infotech
  • Paytm
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Accenture Technology
  • PWC
  • Xoriant IT Solutions
  • Cognizant and many more.

Outstanding Infrastructure Services Of The College

If you enrol in a school with good campus life, you have a better educational experience. You don't want to attend a college with inadequate infrastructure. With SIDTM, you have excellent infrastructure to help your growth. SIDTM provides excellent facilities, including-

  • Residential Facilities
  • Luxurious Library
  • Healthcare Services
  • Cafeteria facilities
  • Auditorium
  • Gymnasium
  • Free Wi-fi services
  • Sports Facilities
  • CISCO Lab
  • Amphitheatre
  • ATM services

Extra Curricular Activities For Enhancing Student Development

SIDTM helps the students in gaining expertise in various domains beyond classrooms too. This is accomplished with the help of various productive events like workshops, seminars, industry visits, guest lectures, and other educational events. Bookish knowledge alone will never suffice in the stimulation of the personal development of the students. An MBA degree transforms you into a knowledgeable, smart, intellectual, and confident person.

The college conducts special soft skills classes to enhance students' communication, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, and empathy skills.

If you are looking forward to the MBA entrance exam in India, don't forget to apply to SIDTM at the official website.